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January 18, 2009, 2:58 am
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i’ve finally decided that i’m going to refurnish my room (with new painted walls, new furniture and a cosy reading corner for me). It’s a pity that the old one has to go.

So anyway, i went on an impromptu shopping trip with qing to ikea (photoframes, cushions, hangers, meatballs etc) followed by parkway for topshop (a dress) and a pair of skinny jeans. headed to ice-cream-chef for ice-cream but it was pretty crowded so we ended up having durians at joochiat. we wound down the car windows, blasted songs like john mayer, maroon 5 and sang like we’re in a karaoke bar. we thought of new christian names for her, which proved to be draining to my brain and ended up with pearlywhite tan.

he sent me several messages today during the shopping trip, and one was particularly memorable, because i didn’t think it would have come from him (guys are natural klutz aren’t they?), i was awoken up in the middle of the night by k.WONG’s sms about running tomorrow, and i just naturally texted him if he’s back from the party, which ended up with a phone conversation till 4am. despite that, i woke up at 9am to start to spring-clean my room, later we’re doing lunch with the extended family (cos marktan can’t make it for lunch), followed by more spring-cleaning, dinner with the family & the soon-to-be family, and ice-cream trip with him later on (since he’s going to church and heading to a friend’s house for games, followed by family dinner). now, where do i fit in a running time to train?


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