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diary of 16th jan
January 17, 2009, 3:00 am
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i was wfm yesterday and my dad brought three contractors over to change the lightings at home to energy-saving light bulbs and it was such a messy affair that i couldn’t work for the whole day. but thankfully now i’ve got new and nice lights at home, which are really conducive for cosy family warmings and also reading.

he had an interview yesterday and it went really well, if it goes smoothly he’ll probably make the transition soon. met up for dinner at changi airport popeye’s, desserts at tong shui cafe and random walking around (like browsing at the bookstore for new books to get –> he shares the same reading interests) and taking the bus back at 11. we spoke a lot yesterday, about the bbq on saturday (if his friends are going to tease him if i go for the bbq gathering and all), but nett, i just feel very comfortable in his presence that i feel i don’t need to put up a front (to be the somewhat perfect person) cos there’s no such thing as one.

we spoke over the phone till 3am, and it’s amazing how things could have evolved that positively, yet at the back of our minds we don’t think we’re that lucky. we spoke of future plans (like how i wanted to relocate to another country to work, like how i want to sponsor a child via my company’s programme, like how i wanted to learn a new activity, like how i wanted to make some worthy investments etc), and he filled up every single common traits we had– he sponsors a child from world vision, he wants to relocate to another country, he’s investing for the future etc.

i woke up this morning and felt rejuvenated, cleared up some work emails and projects on-hand, and spoke to my mom about this. when i saw the smile on my mom’s face, and when she said, we can do dinner someday together, i know that was the beginning for my mom, and that was the beginning for me. to truly let go, do a free-fall. he texted me that his mom kind of ‘interrogated’ him this morning since he was hogging the phone throughout the night, and he told his mom “he found a girl that he could really talk to and really am interested in”, and his mom told him that we could do ‘yum cha’ one day–>atypical cantonese family.

he throws little surprises. me on the other hand, well, when i was at watsons getting my mom her pills, i got him the sweets that he frequently eat. 🙂 i really want to pen this down cos it meant alot to me, and you know how important they are.


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